JTAG port and new OS for MP-C33 wanted

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Hi all!

JTAG port and new OS for MP-C33 wanted

The MP-C33 from JVC is a handheld computer with a NEC VR4122 processor
with 180 MHz (for picture: http://www.jvc.de/pc ). The VR4122 is a MIPS
The MP-C33 has WinCE built in. There is a free C-compiler (embedded
visual C++ from Microsoft) available. However WinCE is not a good
operating system (in my opinon).

I like to have another Operating System for the MP-C33.
I searched the web without luck. www.linux-mips.org and
http://www.hacksrus.com/~mike/lince/bootloader.htm did not help.
For the purpose of downloading a new OS to the MP-C33 a JTAG port
would be very helpful. A JTAG port is a port mainly for developers and
PCB testing.
Someone has found the JTAG-port of the Compaq IPAQ (link:
http://axl.freeyellow.com/iPAQ/jtag.htm ). Is there someone who found
the JTAG pins on the PCB of the MP-C33?
A working bootloader for the MP-C33 would be very good, too.
I tried several bootloaders (see link above) but no bootloader worked.
Is there someone who has successfully installed another OS than WinCE
on the MP-C33?
Even a small OS like ROME (http://rome.sourceforge.net) running on the
MP-C33 would be very helpful.
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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