J1708...a few questions

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I'm choosing hardware for fleet tracking purposes, so here are the

Is SAE 1708/1587 used in European trucks also?

If not, which standard is it?

If it is, connector is Deutsch 6 or 9 pins, right?

Thank you!

Re: J1708...a few questions
No, I know only Volvo which uses J1708
CAN (SAE J1939), ISO 9141 (K-Line) or CAN (ISO/TP 14229) is used in
Europe for Trucks. The connector is different between the trucks.
My company www.samtec.de have hardware which supports all the
necessary busses(ISO9141, J1708 and CAN). There is an ActiveX
component to access
to the hardware.
If you are interested please connect directly samtec,
don't replay to my yahoo.de email address.

Best Regards

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