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Hi all
I'm interfacing my processor's synchronous serial port to an AC97 audio
codec for full-duplex communication (both transmit and recieve audio in
a loopback way) using multichannel capabilities provided by synch
serial port (TDM);
The trouble my codec (as is proposed in the AC97 std has only
frame-sync pulse) and the TDM facility of my synch serial port - forces
me to enable and disable both Rx and Tx for audio Rx or audio Tx;
And since my Rx and Tx are totally asynch activties - whatever logic I
follow - I find myself disabling the Rx while Tx is in progress or
reverse - because of which (apparently) the audio stops after a while
(possibly one generates a false frame-sync for the other);
Any ideas ( I'm not allowed to change the hardware)?
And there is lots of load on the system to allow for Rx and tx of
single samples - I have to do (using DMA) as large chunks as possible.

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