Infomation memory in MSP430F1101A

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  In MSP430F1101A, How information memory differs from flash memory?
  In what way it is useful for a programmer?
  If anyone have any supporting documents related to this, please guid
  Thanks in advance

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Re: Infomation memory in MSP430F1101A
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The information memory should be no different compare to the rest of th
memory block on the MSP430 MCU, except the block size. Most of case
MSP430 has 2 block of 128B flash. The smaller block size sometimes i
useful for using this flash as data area for storing the calibratio

I had one case, I need not more than 128B space for storing calibratio
data, which sometimes has some bytes need to be updated. Than I make us
of the two 128B block to do the flash data upadate, since I do not hav
enough RAM for buffering that 128B data. What I did is something like;

* Data flash A is the data block we used
* Data flash B is backup block during the flash update process

1) Erase block B
2) Copy block A to B
3) Erase block A
4) Read block B byte by byte and check do this byte need to be modified
If not, we write it to block A. If it need modification, we write the ne
data byte to block A. This process run until the whole block B is updat
to black A again.

Ok, the above process looks quite complicated, but it help me to save th
128B RAM for buffering the block A to RAM. The total ROM of nmost MSP43
is only 256B.

I hope my experience is useful for you.

have a good day
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