Infineon TwinCAN 82c900 problem

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I'm doing driver for Infineon TwinCAN 82c900 - controller and I'm having
major problems with error handling. The driver works fine when only sending
and receiving with out errors. But if error occurs then the problem begans.

I don't want to explain what I have tried since I've tried everything. I'm
just asking that if someone has done driver for that chip. What is the
correct way to handlee errors? My main concern is to get chip recovery from
bus-off - state without needing to reboot the device. I tried to get chip in
bus-off - state by connecting CanHI and CanLOW together, but no. I didn't
get bus-off error. Instead I got some error saying that too many same bits
has been received although the chip went to bus-off - state.

Manual is a not helping too much. My main problem is that error interrut is
active although I've tried to acknowledge it. Status register seems to have
always bit 0x40 set.

Teemu Keskinarkaus @ Plenware Group /

Re: Infineon TwinCAN 82c900 problem

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For the FS-Systeme UNC20 UNCBAS_CAN, that is an ARM7 with TwinCAN SAK90C200,
an Linux driver does exist, with available CANopen software layer. Did you
had a look at this?

with best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen

   Heinz-Jürgen Oertel
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Re: Infineon TwinCAN 82c900 problem
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I hadn't looked at that before. That's also a different chip so I don't know
how much of the stuff is usable with 82c900. Anyway, I got it working ok. It
seems to me that I hurried too much with the debugger. When I ran the
program without debugger it worked just fine.


Teemu Keskinarkaus @ Plenware Group /

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