IEEE1394 - IIDC for PowerPC target

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I am trying to use DCAM cameras through IEEE1394 using IIDC protocol.
We have a Sparc/Solaris host and our target is a PowerPC (750 and 7400)
SBC that we currently use under VxWorks (5.4 - T2.1).  The two SBCs in
question are the Synergy KGM5 and the Synergy VSS4 and the IEEE1394
card is the Mindready SedNet in PMC format if that makes a difference.  
I would also like to have the option to use firewire hard drives
connected to my SBC.

From the research I have done it seems that only Mindready has a these
protocols available for PowerPC under vxworks.  Unfortunately they do
not suppor Sparc/Solaris build environment, and I won't change my
build environment just for one component.

It is very likely that somebody else has tackled this issue in a very
similar environment, and alraedy found a solution.  I am hoping you
would share that solution you came up.  Specifically, where did you get
your IIDC driver?

I have included comp.arch.embedded and comp.os.vxworks to reach a broader
knowledge base.  You can followup on any of the two (whichever is more
appropriate for your reply), or reply by e-mail.

Thank you.  Happy holidays!

Paolo Bellutta

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