ICE & Coding solution for 68HC705SR3 u-controller

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    As part of an new development programme we need to upgrade an
    existing 68HC705SR3 microcontroller based system. To do this we
    want to purchase an  (ICE)emulator & programming solution.
    for this microcontroller.

    We have already tried Motorla ( Freescale ) suppliers but parts for
    own development solution are now obsolete. Does anyone know of
    a currently available alternative to the Motorola development tools, or
    a source for a used In Circuit Emulator & programmer for this
microcontroller ?

    Our system uses a  40-pin DIP package with the code stored and run
    directly from the microcontrollers own internal NVRAM.

             Thanks in advance,

                    Gerry Barclay
   ( Senior Software Engineer, BAE Systems , UK)

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