IAR Atmel Compiler for sale

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Hi guys.  Geez, I haven't posted here in years!

Hey, I have a IAR compiler for the Atmel AVR processors.  I have everything
(manuals, software, etc) in the original shipping box.  This is a dongle
version, which is nice cause you can use it on any (multiple) computer by
moving the dongle around.

Anyway, I would sell it if I could get a few hundred bucks for it.  I even
have a unopened pack of about 50 (?) 8515's that I would throw in.

I think I'll place it on Ebay... just wondering what you guys would pay for
it (i.e.,e where would you set the reserve?).  I'd just as soon keep it if I
can't get a few bucks for it.  BTW, it is the "baseline" version, which does
not have the floating point emulator.  I think it cost me about $900 a few
years ago.

-- Andrew

Re: IAR Atmel Compiler for sale
Hi, your not likely to get much for it. You would do better if you list the
compiler seperately from the chips you have. Set the reserve low if you want to
get a bidding war started.

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