HT > 200 C design

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I am looking for microcontroller system ( MCU ,EPROM , FLASH , RAM, Gate
Arrays ) capable of  above 200 C operational ( for downhole equipment ) . So
far I have foud Honeywell's HTMOS series but cannot find any EPROm , PROM or
RTC parts. Does anybody know another MCU manufacturer for >200C applications

Re: HT > 200 C design
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  The Honeywell parts are ROM, so I'd assume the std deployment is to put
a RAM loader into the ROM, and run their uC/RAM combination.
[ or, just prove your code, and pay the mask charges ? :) ]

  It would make sense for Honeywell to offer a std part with a RAM
loader, but I have not seen specific info.

  High temp operation is a lifetime/temp tradeoff.

  Another approach would be to try a device like Infineons new XC866,
which is Automotive rated, and has ECC Flash, and treat them as finite
life/disposable - you could deploy 2,3... in the same location for some

  If the time down the hole is not weeks, you can also design a system
with high termal inertia, and low conductance ( eg copper slug in a
thermos ), which buys you some operational life, and tolerance of high
temp zones.


Re: HT > 200 C design
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One of the ways to improve thermal inertia may be a mantle filled with a
compound that needs an enourmous amounts of joules to melt. I remember
vaguely that one of the well logging instruments from Dresser Atlas in the
1980's used a similair method.


Re: HT > 200 C design

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) . So
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Couldn't you use Peltier effect modules to cool down the MCU ?

Re: HT > 200 C design

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The problem with Peltiers is that you do not only have to sink the
heat generated by the electronics, but also the heat generated by the
very low efficiency Peltier element itself. If the device is submerged
into a liquid with good convection, this is not a problem, but
otherwise, getting rid of the MCU+Peltier heat can be a problem.


Re: HT > 200 C design
Un bel giorno Radim Stepanik digiṭ:

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Can you consider a FPGA? Look for Peter Alfke articles in comp.arch.fpga,
there are some threads when they speak of oil drilling applications and
FPGAs, for example:


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