How to read/write raw bytes from a flash card in C++?

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Hi, group:

I am intermediate in C programming, basically I programmed in Unix for
digital signal processing...

Now I need to write a C++ program to read/write the whole volume of a FAT
formatted smartmedia
card...I can view the raw data in what I want is, in generic C
codes to read all the data
I see in WinHex...

Could anybody teach me on how to handle this kind of work? Any websites are

Best Regards,

Re: How to read/write raw bytes from a flash card in C++?
Thank you all for your replies! Basically I have some clue now.
I will use WinHex to save my entire Smartmedia image into a mega-file...
Then I will open the mega-file in binary access mode...
And I will write some C codes to implement how to read/write (extract
actually) files
to/from this mega-file. That is all programming all about.

Eventually I will write assembly code or use FPGA to interface directly to
my Smartmedia
and do something fun with it...

Do I sound logical?

Best Regards,

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