How to choose a LCD screen?

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fisrt of all, I'm french, so excuse me for my poor english

I'm a student, and in a project, I have to use a graphic LCD. Th

problem is that I don't know how choose it
The society I worked with want a "beautifull" color screen and if i
is possible with a touch panel

I know that there are screens with integrated controller like Toshib

I think that it is simpler to use such as screen

What kind of screen do you advise me

Re: How to choose a LCD screen?

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I don't know beautiful ones, and those with touch panel, but this one is
cheap and coloer, %

vax, 9000

re:How to choose a LCD screen?
Yes, Your screen is quite good. A little small but good

I shearched the datasheet, and I found it  here :
I suppose the CXD3507GG is the controller of the screen but I don'
find the datasheet and the web, so I don't know how to use it, ca
you help me please

In fact I shearch screens composed of the controler Toshiba T696

because I kow a little how to use it, but I don't find screens wit
it, or they are too much expensive.


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