Hitachi H8S2676 micro part needed

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We urgently need a source of Hitachi H8S2676 micro with immediate
delivery and can't find any anywhere, so in desperation I'm trying this
newsgroup.  We need at least 50 and up to 400 and are willing to pay a
good price.  The part number is HD64F2676VFC33.

It's possible that quantities of 10 - 20 might be useful if there were
several definite sources. Responses can be sent to the reply email
address of this message.

Are delays and long lead times for microprocessors happening with all
micros at present or just Renesas/Hitachi?

Thanks for any suggestions for a source of this micro.


Re: Hitachi H8S2676 micro part needed
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It seems that USBid ( ) has got a few pieces.

Jan Dubiec,, mobile: +48 506 790442

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