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(copy of email sent to linuxsh-dev)

Hi all,

I would like to port Linux on one embedded device, it's handy barcode

I've made a scan of the both sides of the PCB board, it's available on:

I've found the docs to all ICs on the board except one in the top right
on side2 of the board(I think that it have to do something with LCD?).
Here is
the list of ICs and manuals I've found:

side1: Just a CPU, SH3(7706), docs available from Renesas
side2: TC55V400, Toshiba 4Mbits static RAM(SRAM)
RICOH348A, oscilator
MB40C368PF, A/D 1CH, 8bit, 18Mhz
F29DL324BE-90PFTN, Fujitsu 32Mbit FLASH memory

I know that I need to port sh-ipl+g on it first, but I get stuck at
this point,
because first of all I need to know how to read/write the
SRAM(TC55V400, I hope
that the firmware is stored there). I would like to make a backup of
the firmware
and replace it with sh-ipl+g. I've spent like 2 days finding how to
make some
kind of read/write interface(RS232/JTAG/LPT) but without success.

After that, it would be fun to get working LCD, keyboard, barcode
device, infra.
Is there any similiar board around to which was linux-sh ported? So I
can get
ideas or whatever.

It would be nice and really helpful for me to get some ideas, URLS,
docs or
whatever. It isnt much info available on net about this.
Thank you.


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