Help with PC/104 to PCMCIA or USB (1.1) and Linux

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Has anyone had success using PC/104 PCMCIA or USB adapters with Linux?
I'm looking for a relatively low-cost way to allow end-user expansion
of a 486-based embedded system which has no general-purpose bus except
PC/104. Either 1 USB port or 1 PCMCIA port would be fine for my needs.
Unfortunately, none of the products I can find explicitly support
Linux, so I'm looking for recommendations based on real war stories.

I'm looking to pay under $100 for the interface board, though this
seems unlikely :( (If it works out at more than $100, then it would be
cheaper for me simply to upgrade the SBC to something with USB

Should I just abandon this search and try to get an SBC with
everything all in one?

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