Help with a BootLoader for Motorala Controler

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I hope somebody could help me. I know the text is long and I have much
questions but maybe there is an answer.

I would like to develop a "bootloader" for a Motorola
Microcontroller "MC68HC912D60A". The development has started yet
but there are still some problems.

The bootloader is able to communicate with existing software over the
By this software we can flash the memory with the existing firmware.
The bootloader still exists after the flashing and has to start the
firmware if no flashing command occurs.

Summery of the bootloader features:
- Communication via CAN-Bus
- Flashing Firmware, starting an existing firmware

The structure is as follows:
- the bootloader lies in the 8k boot sector of the flash memory
- the interrupt vector table of the bootloader is also in this area, at
the beginning
- the boot sector is write-protected because when I'm flashing the
firmware the bootloader must still be existing
- the firmware is in an area in top of the bootloader, the firmware has
its own interrupt vector table

There are two Projects... the bootloader and the firmware. Both are
compiled and linked for there self. The Target is that the bootloader
has, if a firmware exists, to jump to the address where the
main-routine of the firmware begins. That's why we make an
absolute-jump to the reset vector of the firmware
interrupt-vector-table. We also have tried to jump to the
firmware-main-routine directly. Now the problems begin... The
bootloader is jumping... but then the firmware isn't starting.

- is it possible to make a jump in a main-routine(bootloader) to an
other main-routine(firmware) with an absolute-jump to an address?
- both bootloader and firmware are using interrupts, if an interrupt
occurs the bootloader-ISR is started... in this ISR we are jumping to
the interrupt vector of the firmware-ISR? Is this a way that is

Thank you for your help!!


Re: Help with a BootLoader for Motorala Controler

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Yes It is possible to make jump from boot main to firmware main provided you
have mapped interrupt vector table propertly.

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Re: Help with a BootLoader for Motorala Controler
If you are interested in a complete, ready to run HC12 CAN bootloader
with all the source code, PC and HC12, and hardware, you might
want to check out my Cheetah12 bootloader kit at
To answer your questions, yes this is possible.  You can have a
user vector table located just below your bootloader code and when
an interrupt occurs the vector table in the bootloader jumps to a small
snippet of code that gets the user jump vector and jumps there.
  It takes a couple of extra machine cycles to execute the extra
jmp instruction.


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