help...seeing web server from anywhere on the internet

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there is one simple matter I can't figure out.  If I connect an
ethernet enabled micro to my home network and assign it
an IP address I can access its web server from my PC.
But, my firewall has it's own IP address assigned from my
ISP...How do I access the micro from outside, somewhere
else on the internet?
(I tried searching for the answer but came up with a million
unhelpful links)


Re: help...seeing web server from anywhere on the internet
Hi Max,

The fact that its a micro is irrelevant.  This is no different than any
other networkable device inside your firewall.

In order for the device to see out you have to enable your firewall to
let packets out and do some masquerading (assuming you only have one IP
number).  So every computer on your internal network will have the same
IP number as your firewall (this is assuming that the computer that
connects to the internet and the firewall are one and the same--this
doesn't have to be the case).

In order to receive packets you need to configure the firewall to
forward packets to certain ports to your device.

Look for home networking how-to's.  There are lots available for Linux
and are useful even if you're not using Linux to understand how it all

Hope that helps.


On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 03:37 +0000, Max wrote:
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Re: help...seeing web server from anywhere on the internet
thank you to each of the responders, I learnt something from each
post.  I have a D-Link router and I ended up using the Virtual
Server capability.  I set up a new entry that tied my private
IP address and private port (80) to a public port 1234.
And, it works!
  My IP address stays the same (at least for a while at a time)
but I am going to play around with the dynamic name part
as mentioned by Robert.
Thanks again...

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