help required on SC28C94 Data Transmission

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    we are working with SC28C94 for data communication.
    this IC(SC28C94) we are using in polling mode
    not in interrupt mode.My main aim is to trasmit
    a single charecter(ie A(0x41) or B(0x42) or  .....) continuously.
    we are giving 8MHz clock from external.
    Here iam sedning my Code

    typedef unsigned long USHORT;
    typedef unsigned int UINT;
    typedef unsigned char UCHAR;

    int main()
    UINT *Tx;
    UINT *Rd_st;
    UINT *Base,*Cmd,*Aux,*Comm;

    Base    = (UINT *)0x10000000;    /* MR0, MR1,MR2  Addr */
    Comm    = (UINT *)0x10000004;    /* CSR  Addr */
    Cmd        = (UINT *)0x10000008;    /* CR   Addr */
    Aux        = (UINT *)0x10000010;    /* ACR  Addr */

    Rd_st    = (UINT *)0x10000004;    /* SR  Addr */
    Tx        = (UINT *)0x1000000C;    /* Tx HOLD  Addr */

    *Base    = 0x07;            /* Even parity ,8 bits/char */
    *Base    = 0x07;            /* 1 stop bit                */
    *Comm    = 0x0B;            /*9600 bps                    */
    *Cmd    = 0x06;            /* Tx Enable and Rx Disable */
    *Aux    = 0x00;
    while(((*Rd_st)&0x04)==0x00);    /* check TxRdy bit =1 in SR  */
        *Tx    = 0x43;

by using the above code , we are recieving the data but junk.
if any one knows about This Quart,please veryfy our code and if
possible suggest any modifications required to getthe exact data.

Thanking You
waiting for your response ASAP.

Niranjan Poddutur,
Sr Software Engg,

Re: help required on SC28C94 Data Transmission
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When accessing the MR registers it is a good idea to reset them to the
first position before writing to them. I believe
*Cmd = 0x1a
will reset the MR pointer allowing the next two access to function properly.
At least, it works on my SCC2691
Your code will be more you really need even parity? That
seems wierd to me, but then what the heck do I know.

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