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    I wish to setup a research and development facility for embedded systems
controls. I would like you advise me on the hardware, software and other
accessories to be procured. The idea is to encourage research and
development work among people with engineering background.

Thank you.

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You need to refine your goals.  Choosing gadgets is way down the list
after clearly defining your objectives, funding, etc.  What particular
problems do people with engineering background have that you expect to
help solve?  How will they know about your program?  What will you
promise potential participants?  How will you get paid?  The answers to
these questions will help focus your requirements.


Re: Help please
    Thanks Thad.

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    I am not trying to solve any particular problem. My aim is to set up a
centre in my departmnt ( I am a teacher in an engineering college in India)
for providing the necessary infrastructure so that people who want to do any
research and/or development work will have the facilities. By this I mean
work that are neither too trivial (like introducing students to the
fundamentals) nor too complex only "money-no-problem"  labs can take up.
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    Doesn't matter. Only people involved with our dept. in some way will be
using the facilities.
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    All the general hardware and software platforms for their work.

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    Doesn't matter again. This is part of my job.

I hope this helps. Funding available for the project  may be disregarded for
the moment, because I can't say for sure. I shall try to sqeeze in as much
from the wish list as permitted by the budget. I am just trying to make up
my wish list.

Thanks again.


Re: Help please

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There are much wiser people here than me but
I generally split the embedded world into 2 sections

a) little processors like the 8051,  Atmel AVR, Motorola MSP430 that
fit into 40 pin packages or less, where you have to design the
hardware and software, many one man companies are like this. The
progams can just a a few lines of assembler, or compiled C.  This is
the world I inhabit.

b) where you buy a ready made complex microcomputer board like a PC104
format, more or less a 486 PC on a little board. Quite complex devices
and I have no comments to make.

If you start in my "little" embedded world, you can buy cheap kits for
development, cheap programmers etc(KitsRus,Dontronics) Lots of tools
are freely avaiable, and you can be up and running for less than a
100$. You can build simple stuff on stripboard, or get people like
PCBPool (?) or olimex to make your prototypes quickly and cheaply

For me, the embedded world means designing a complete little product
from idea to protoype, to  production. Not just writing the software,
and hoping the hardware guys understand what you want

1) mechnical skills,(will it fit in the box)

2)Hardware skills  ( Will the input connector be electcally protected
from say 12V AC on a 5V input)
2a) more hardware skills in designing the electronic stuff outside of
the processog, 74HC logic, PAL/GAL logic arrays

3) software skills, writing not just the main progam but test progarms
for the hardware, eg LCD drivers

4) defining what the client actually wants, not what he said!

hope this helps


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Re: Help please
Hello Prasad,
Where are you teaching?
Your idea is very  good, but i dont understand what you mean by
research work in embedded... shouldnt you be saying 'research in a
particular domain' on the algorithm , concept development?...
Let me know your ideas....yeah definitely interested if it is
myself- engineer in automotive emb systems.

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