Help on Looser-Take-All / Winner-Take-All circuit

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Good morning,
a friend of mine have inserted this post on a Forum I created on my site , this is the question :

"Someone knows something about LTA/WTA circuits?
I mean the best approach to the problem,
the best topology and all that can be usefull
to design an accurate and high-speed LTA?"

I don't know the answer, if you know it please post it just following this link: %

Many Thanks,

Eng. Antonio D'Ottavio

Re: Help on Looser-Take-All / Winner-Take-All circuit
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No way I am going to bother with various private forums.  Usenet is
quite satisfactory, thank you.  Ask here, read here.

It sounds vaguely like a voting circuit, which is a key factor in
high reliability systems built around redundant modules.  The truth
table for a three input component might be:

  input  output  failed node id
    000  0       0 = 00 (binary)
    001  0       1 = 01
    010  0       2 = 10
    011  1       3 = 11
    100  0       3 = 11
    101  1       2 = 10
    110  1       1 = 01
    111  1       0 = 00

and all inputs other than 000 and 111 indicate a failure
somewhere.  You can build this out of three 2 input nands, and one
3 input nand.  Analog methods can cut the component count.
Implementing a failed node id may be useful in servicing.

Of course, quis custodes custodiet applies.

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Re: Help on Looser-Take-All / Winner-Take-All circuit
Many thanks for your answer,
I'll forward it to my friend,
Bye ...


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