Help needed with external RAM please

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Hi there.

I am a novice when it comes to embedded microprocessors and need help.
I am attempting to port a VM (Virtual machine) to hardware (Similar to
Basic VM of STAMP fame). The difference is it is going to be an Object
Oriented language and is going to need more RAM than the PIC's I have
been playing with.

the estimates at this point is around 64k Bytes at this point..... (a
guess really).

Can I access external RAM using a PIC microcontroller? How?

From what I could read, it may be easier to use a simple 8051
derivative, or something like a 68k derivative.

This is hobby project, so free compilers, simple prototype boards etc.
will make a difference.

any help appreciated! even if you can just point me in a direction....
... like a link to an example of a hobby PIC project using external

Thanks Kobus.

Re: Help needed with external RAM please
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You might be able to by using I/O lines for address, data, and control signals.
You might want to spend time concentrating on doing your own stuff instead of
doing that.

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Well, anything that can access the RAM you think you will need is probably
better than using something that uses internal memory only. You might also look
into using something that can use more than 64K RAM in case you underestimated.

Re: Help needed with external RAM please
It is less a matter of attaching external RAM in the case
it was never intended, but of telling the compiler to
also use it. Or did you intend to use OOP approaches in ASM ?

IMO, OOP was not not intended to be used on PICs and the like.
Get a decent 16 bit machine.

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