help! need LPC9xx ICP spec

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I just received some samples of the LPC903 the other day and it hit me.
Where is the specification for the ICP? I know it only needs
clock,data,reset but I can't any find a document that describes the
timing and format for that section.

I know that you can use the eval board plus an adaptor to talk to these
things but it is usual for a manufacturer to release the programming
details. I have been using PIC12's in this area and there is no shortage
of info on programming these miserable little (useful) suckers.

Does anybody know anything about the ICP spec for the LPC903s?


Re: help! need LPC9xx ICP spec
Just check the datasheet... and application notes on Philips Site.
Not sure are those LPC9xx a ARM proc, or a 8051 derivative...

ARM derivative seems  not  to  be very  well documented, at least not that
good as
Freescale (BDM) chips.  I'm  not a real fan of Mot./Freesc.  chips but their
programming/debugging interface
is well doccumented. Bravo!


Peter Jakacki wrote:

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Re: help! need LPC9xx ICP spec
LPC900 are 2-clock 8051 devices, the ARM devices are LPC2000 series.
In regards to the BDM / Debug interface on the Philips devices, it is
most important that the professional debuggers and emulators work well
with the chips. If you want to go ahead and write your own debugger,
you might not use an ARM all together, start with an 8-bit (no offense)

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