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hi embedded professionals,
i am an electrical engineering graduate who has just joined an embedded
systems company.
i would like to know what are the various fields or skills or domains
that are there in the field of embedded sytems (software or hardware).i
know that one must be proficient in C and assembly language
programming,but i would like to explore the various options to see
which of the various domains suits my interests and abilities so that i
can delve deep into it and make a career in the same.
i would also like to know what are the various basic entry level skills
required and what are the various books on embedded systems which  i
will require for gaining proficiency.

Re: help!!!!!!!!! information required
On 9 Oct 2005 10:20:45 -0700, in comp.arch.embedded "The fountainhead"

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I write small stuff, I'm nowhere near as good as some/many of the guys
here, but:
search for
"good Embedded C resources plz..."
that was here some time ago

read some Jack Gannsle, on the web
Join a few bullitin boards

Buy something like the AVR butterfly demo, it is cheap, the code is
available. The AVR GCC port is available from avrfreaks.

Learn how to interface hardware to micro's Leds, latches TTL/cmos
ADC/DACs many new micro's have a lot of these inside .Learn how to
debug hardware and software

Oh, start with Hello.c, then keep going


Re: help!!!!!!!!! information required
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A few Skills:

Learn how to build and rework circuit assemblies.

Learn to use an analog oscilloscope.

Learn to use a digital oscilloscope.

A logic analyzer will be your best friend or worst enemy so make friends.

A few Domains:

Process control: open and close valves, position products, robotics etc...

Data collection: monitor time, temperature, position etc...

Protocol conversion: serial to/from parallel and others too numerous.

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There are many types of processors used for embedded systems.
The most popular (in no particular order) are:

PIC, (Microchip), AVR (Atmel), ARM ( )
8051 (Intel, Philips, Atmel, many others)

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There is no better way that to build projects using embedded processors.

What you need to know you will lean in the process of building projects.

Google is your friend.

Just select a processor to learn first. It does not matter which one. On
this news group you will get as many opinions as there are posters for which
processor to start with.

If you are spending your own money, the AVRs and PICs have good, complete
and inexpensive tools and development kits available.

Re: help!!!!!!!!! information required

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Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Really.

If you can't communicate your ideas clearly and professionally, they'll
hire someone else who can.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

Re: help!!!!!!!!! information required
You will find a lot of information about embedded software development
at: /

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