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I would like to build a programmer for uC HC908, but i couldn't find
universal programmer. Of course I can buy it, but it cost too much for
me. Could You tell me were can I find MON08 programmer, maybe something

Thank you for Your time.


Re: HC908 Programmer
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Re: HC908 Programmer
There are many variants of the HC908 with
different pinouts, packages.
The circuit for each controller is in the
datasheet chapter "Monitor ROM".
You can easily build it, have a look at Page 1.7 :
Thats for the GP32, if you have another version
it will have to be slightly different.

On the PC you need the free software from P&E
from their website.


Re: HC908 Programmer
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You need to specify which HC08 variant. I use the QT4 and the JB8, and I
just built the circuit in the datasheet for the QT4, and built a variant
of the JB8 datasheet circuit (I used a Schottky diode instead of the chip
linking the JB8 to the MAX232).


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