Has anyone gotten Paradigm 5.0 for 80186 to work

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I am bringing up the serial-linked remote debugging software from Paradigm
on an Intel 80C186XL and am having problems with the communication link. It
is very unreliable. I get a lot of FFs transmitted back to the PC when I run
the diagnostic. Things seem to work a bit better when I drop the CPUs clock
rate to 8MHz from 50MHz. Has someone been able to get this thing to work?
Has someone had the same problem as I with extraneous FFs being transmitted?
I have been, at times, able to get the remote debugger to run for short
periods of time so I have something wortking. The problem is it is flaky.
The Paradigm 5.0 from Paradigm Systems is from 1999 or so. I would
appreciate any help.

Thank you

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