Hardware device for embedded system

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Can anyone tell me where can I find a network device like those ADSL
modem devices without a system installed? I want to install a customized
freebsd system onto this device for my own use and school research. If
purchase a off-the-shell modem product with the system installed, my end
product will not be competitive. If I can get a hardware device only
proudct without the cost of the system, it will increase my profit
margin by installing my customized systems onto the device.

I found Siemens SpeedTouch is a good one, but not sure if they provid
only hardware device base product for my purpose. Is there anyone had
dealt with a third-party device manufacturer like this before? quite a
few of them manufacture hardware devices and develop embedded systems
for their device as well. I wonder what are the best methods to approach
these manufacturers to get a low-cost device only (without a system)


Re: Hardware device for embedded system

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Jesus, this is why a taste of economics is part of an engineering

The software development cost (what you call "the system") is an NRE.
It's amortized across millions of units, and is considered essentially
free. What you're paying for is the hardware.

When you buy a DSL modem, you are _usually_ buying it through a
telecoms carrier who expects to make money on your monthly spend. So
they will actually pay for some or all of the hardware for you. The
shelf price is LESS than the manufacturing cost of the device, in most

Furthermore, if you are stupid enough to build some kind of business
model around hacked modems or routers, you are going to be chasing a
constantly moving target. Manufacturers change their designs regularly
- in consumer electronics, it is RARE to find the exact same circuit
being sold for more than 6 months.

You will easily find that V1.0000001 of the product you're buying has a
totally different chipset, utterly undocumented, and you have no way of
developing new software for it let alone even loading your old

Re: Hardware device for embedded system
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It is always OK to write new device drivers for their newly release
hardware. In my product line I will not only develop modem/gateway
products but other voip stuff as well. But important is to get a
hardware that I can develop my application based upon.


Re: Hardware device for embedded system
Take a look at the development boards available for ARM, Coldfire, Starcore
and Blackfin. I believe there are some nice reference platforms around for
modem and VoIP.

Search in Google for Blackfin and VoIP, I'm sure you will find something.

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