H8S Programming ROM Device error

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Hello All,

I am programming on a Renesas RSK2329 evaluation board, using their
HEW 2.2 development environment.  This board uses the H8S/2329

I recently ran into a problem which I can't figure out.  When I download
the debug *.abs file to the chip,  I get the error:

    "Action has encountered errors"

Very descriptive huh!  In the flash output pane, I see that the system erred
out after trying to get the line size from the processor, i.e:

    Sending inquiry for getting line size
    'COM1' read time out

I know the COM communications is working correctly since I can download
the object file to the chip.  So far I've tried everything I can think of,
reloading the HEW package, and trying the sequence with their demonstration
software (same results).

Does anyone out there have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance,


Re: H8S Programming ROM Device error
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Too many coffee breaks since I had this problem
and I'm on another chip now but go to
for additional H8 help.


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