Gumstix PXA255 system

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A few weeks ago someone asked if anyone knew anything about the tiny little
Gumstix PXA255 systems:

I treated myself to one for Xmas, and it turned up this morning. I should
have got it on Xmas eve but I was out when UPS tried to deliver it. Haven't
tried it yet, but it is incredibly small and a lot of nice things have been
said about in other forums. The design has been revised and it now has a lot
more I/O lines, which was one of the shortcomings that people have
complained about.

Leon Heller, G1HSM
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Re: Gumstix PXA255 system

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i am interested in your experience with this part, perhaps you can add also
some infos on your website ?



Re: Gumstix PXA255 system
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I'll add some stuff when I've got some experience of it.


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