GSM/SMS connected alarm system

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I'm just developing a small alarm/supervising system for my friends.
The main idea is that the microcontroller receives data from different
sensors (eg. anti-burglar ones, or even some sensors evaluating
the health of an older/ill person), and automatically sends SMS
notifications to the group of registered mobiles, if any dangerous
situation is detected.

The whole thing will be open source & open hardware design.

Therefore I'm looking for any free (GPL'ed?) libraries for
typical microcontrollers (PIC, 8051/2 etc.) which could
be used to control sending SMS via different mobile phones, connected
over RS232, Irda, BT and so on...
Any pointers are appreciated.
TIA & Regards,
Wojtek Zabolotny

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Re: GSM/SMS connected alarm system
Almost ready to use: /

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