GSM based remote telemetry system

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 I am working in a process controlling insruments manufacturing company
where we are devoloping a project to control a remote device using a
GSM controller. I wish to know whether is there any subscriber service
available for such applications. I'm in India. State-TN. Also, let me
know if you have any information on availability of standard GSM
modules with RS232 interface. Right now we are importing the modules
and we are searching for a vendor whos is selling/manufacturing the
module in India Itself. Your comments are highly appreciated.


Re: GSM based remote telemetry system
Dear Chans.

There are many readily available modules ,especially from Siemens TC35
MC35 series.....have a look over there.
If u r planning to get same from or any other from India the cost will b
too high.

for such application you can definately contact Airtel as i used same fo
my project.

anything else let me know at


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Re: GSM based remote telemetry system
Thank you for your reply. I asked about such dedicated connection with
Reliance. But as of now, they are not providing any such connection.
However, lemme check with Airtel. Do you have any idea on procuring the
device from Singapore or any other country where this GSM based
telemetry is very popular?

Right now we are using old Nokia phone with serial port which works
great. However, if I could find a better device which has all the
features integrated in it, it will be easy for as to embed the system.
Obviously, in India, we are lagging in the GSM based data acquisition
and telemetry systems. Once again thank you for your help and awaiting
for your reply.

Re: GSM based remote telemetry system
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We used a Siemens TC35 in a prototype telematics system a few years ago.
No significant problems with it.

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Re: GSM based remote telemetry system

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One problem- if you need audio for anything, it's god- awful noisy. See
recent thread on this.

Paul Burke

Re: GSM based remote telemetry system
Check out They do a GSM remote camera and telemetry

Re: GSM based remote telemetry system
They are using the GSM module listed as below:
- Quad band
- Embbeded TCP/IP , UDP/IP, FTP client,
- Integrated SIM card reader
- Embbeded Python interpreter
- GSM jamming detector
-  and Embbeded GPS module soon

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