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You guys might appreciate this, received almost 2 months after posting a bug:


Customer is suggesting we shouldn't use Freescale (NXP?) in future;
Kinetis parts may go away in product rationalization...

See ya, Dave

Re: Greatest Hits from Tech Support!
On 2/17/2017 8:57 AM, Dave Nadler wrote:
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(sigh)  Clearly folks who don't understand the question(s) being asked/issues
being presented -- ditto the referenced SO post  :<.  (/caveat emptor/)

"In no case is returning a pointer outside the heap acceptable"

"NXP examples should set sensible default heap size"
Meh... heap size should be appropriate for the *example*, nothing more.

"a trap on out-of-memory would be better"
Not possible with all platforms.  I'm not fond of having to rewrite
code because it relies on specific "undocumented" behavior.

My _DEBUG version of malloc/free aggressively examine all I/O's.
I rely on dynamic allocation extensively (e.g., support multiple
arenas, allocation strategies, etc. concurrently).  So:

      ptr = malloc(...)

is ALWAYS safe -- even if ptr == NULL.  But, attempting:

      ptr = malloc(...)

will trigger an invariant and stop the program in its tracks
(because the memory free'd in the second call isn't allocated
at the time of the call -- an extra condition I impose on free()
that the standard library doesn't)


       ptr = malloc(HEAP_SIZE+1)

is guaranteed to return NULL (and tickle another invariant in -DEBUG) and:

       ptr = malloc(0)

provides an effective way of knowing that the heap *is* exhausted.

[This is subtle as it relies on the caller knowing the memory available for
their use, for a non-NULL return value, is constrained to [ptr,ptr+size) ]

The standard allows no other way of "returning an error" so if you don't
like the arguments, you have to return NULL.

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Why?  Because they are wary of the quality of the support available?
Farming your tech support out to users is always a dubious business strategy!

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Because the expected support will be better?

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Re: Greatest Hits from Tech Support!
On Friday, February 17, 2017 at 12:54:16 PM UTC-5, Don Y wrote:
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Don, sorry if the context wasn't entirely clear.
Freescale/NXP provide many dozens of examples.
Typically a good place to start when using a new tool chain!
I pared down one of their examples show that they've misconfigured
memory management and heap size for their examples...

In the context of their examples, typically run under a debugger,
traps would be very helpful to sort out configuration issues.

I'm quite astonished at the answer though:

"It's really OK that malloc returns a pointer outside the heap,
because in my blinky example it didn't cause a problem..."

It gets worse though.
Their examples for FreeRTOS are misconfigured so that:
- they will blow the heap,
- the FreeRTOS-aware debugger crashes,
- newlib isn't set up compatibly with FreeRTOS memory management,
- etc.

See ya, Dave

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