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I'm in the design stages of an embedded system, one function will be
to drive a display. I really like the looks of the EPSON S1D13806*,
but it does not have the specs I will need.

I need to drive a consumer grade LCD monitor at 1024x768 at 16 or
24bpp. Because any need for analog RGB "VGA" will soon be replaced by
digital-only DVI-D, perhaps a better solution would be a chip/chipset
designed for DVI only. Is there something out there that can easily
interface a 32bit MCU and drive a double buffered DVI display? It
would be even better if the chip/chipset had its own framebuffer.

I have seen many products that would work great for LVDS, but my
requirements and constraints require that I use DVI.

Other possible resolutions that would be nice in the future from the
same or a similar chip/chipset would be 1280x1024 and 1280x720.


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