GPIO on ATmega168 on pins PB6 (TOSC1) and PB7 (TOSC2)

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Hello everybody!

I have a problem with ATmega168 (will later be an mega88) and PB6/PB7.
I'm trying to use these as output pins, ie. drive low-current LEDs by
connecting PB6/PB7 via resistor and LED to +5V.

That worked very good when I used PD5; but I need the PWM now and
wanted to use PB6/PB7.

I'm using the internal RC oscillator; timer 2 is currently unused, and
if I need it later I'll only use it with clkIO and not asynchrone.

Maybe I'm reading the datasheet wrong - but I believe these two pins
are GPIO in my circumstances.

Thank you for your hints!



Re: GPIO on ATmega168 on pins PB6 (TOSC1) and PB7 (TOSC2)

When I said that it doesn't work, I meant that pulling them low gives
the pin 3.8V - not the expected 0V (GND).

Re: GPIO on ATmega168 on pins PB6 (TOSC1) and PB7 (TOSC2)

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Sounds like they are not correctly configured as outputs? (DDRB)


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