Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?

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For an existing motor control application, we're considering upgrading
from our current ROMless ST10R167 processor to newer one with onboard
flash to get faster execution. One of the main attractions of the
Infineon XC16X chips is JTAG debugging, with excellent code and onboard
peripheral compatibility with the C167/ST10. (Using a bond-out emulator
isn't practical with our equipment.) We use the Tasking tools for

Has anyone here used a JTAG debugger with the XC167 or XC164? I'd like
to hear about any good, bad or missing features. In a quick Google
search, I found debuggers made by Signum and HiTek - are there any
others I should consider?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?
Maybe you allready checked this looked inteserting to me:

I'm currently using the keil-uVision environment for my ST10F269 (No
JTAG...) and for debugging code I use a monitor program supplied with
this compiler (Maybe tasking has something similar?). Keil's support is
good, in the sense of regular updates and they have a very good forum
on their site..


Re: Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?
Thanks for the pointer to the Phytec board - it looks like it would be
a handy way to start working with the C167 before our new boards are
ready. Personally I'd rather use the Keil tools, but we have a large
software base in Tasking, and it's perfectly adequate.


Re: Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?
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Just switched from a C161 to an XC161 (I love working on the C16x series -
great processor) for stepper motor control application, previously used
Lauterbach for C161 (bondout) and decided to just use the XC161 JTag (it
supports OCDS L2). Cheaper, easier and allot more cost effective (JTag).

I've used both Keil & Tasking, and I think you will enjoy the Tasking
Crossview (it will natively use the JTAG OCDS). OCDS via JTAG is not the
same as using a bondout, but it comes very close. Think of it as a
monitor/simulator on steriods, almost 99.9% can be accomplished with just
the JTAG. You wont get all of the trace/realtime info but with a little
thought you will be able to find the problem/bug.

The beauty of OCDS is that you can use anyones software (Signum, Nohau
etc..) and given that you already have Tasking I would suggest simply using
crossview. Its very good and is already integrated into the dev environment.

Heath Rogers

Re: Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?
Thanks for the information about Crossview. I've haven't used it yet
but it sounds like a good way to go.
What do you use to physically connect your PC to the target board?
I've seen some printer port to JTAG adapters, but I think a USB-based
one might have slightly better range -- I've got to be a few meters
away from my board -- and be likely to have fewer problems running on a
laptop under XP

Re: Good Infineon XC16X JTAG debugger?
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I built my own wiggler, based on what Infineon specified (the circuit is
specified in the tasking documents). Its nothing more than a buffered
parallel port.

A commercial wiggler will probably work as long as the JTAG connections are
the same. If you want to use USB you will require a driver and Tasking may
be able to assist - I have never tried it.

hheeaatthh@@cceerraapplleexx..ccoomm (remove doubles)

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