Good Gerber Viewer?

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I have downloaded a couple of free Gerber Viewer and none seem to be
ideal.  GerbMagic has a few nice features, but it is not free (I guess I
could spring for $130), but it is very crude in a lot of ways.  

I have used GCPreview before (quite a while back) and it is still free,
but it does not have an easy way to measure things and some other things
are a little clunky.  Maybe I have gotten used to the odd interface of
Eagle...  But it is nice in that it saves all the layers and drill info
in one format.  

Others that I have tried in the past were pretty poor and often were
only demos.  Are there any good, free gerber viewer programs I should
know about?

Re: Good Gerber Viewer?
Try ViewMate -


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Re: Good Gerber Viewer?
I second that one. It works exceptionally well compared to several others I
have tried. Never once have I received a board that wasn't exactly what was
displayed in ViewMate. Highly Recommended!!

Aaron Hammett

Re: Good Gerber Viewer?
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How much does it cost?  The free version does not allow saving
anything.  That means you have to load each layer every time you want to
view the board.  

GCPreview seems to be the best free package that I have found.  Now that
I have worked with it a bit, I have found ways to do what I need.  

Thanks for the replies...  :)

Re: Good Gerber Viewer?
Ralph Malph schrieb:

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Fully agreed.

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Re: Good Gerber Viewer?

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    If you're using Linux or OpenBSD try the price
is right, free under the GPL license.

-- Regards, Albert
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