GNUARM 3.4.1

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Hello group.

 GNUARM 3.4.1 for Linux and Cygwin has been released. It is built upon
binutils 2.15, gcc 3.4.1 and newlib 1.12.0. You can find it at or .

 The Cygwin installer has received some improvements, now it is
possible to choose the library sets one wishes to install. The PATH
modification bug has been fixed.

 The Linux version uses insight 6.1, however the Cygwin version uses
insight 6.0 because 6.1 has some issues (even at compile time with the
latest Cygwin).

 Please report any errors you face and, most importantly, enjoy!

 Best regards.

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Re: GNUARM 3.4.1
Hi Pablo,

Do you know if this will work with building a modern Linux kernel 2.6.x ?
Any known issues?  How about an older 2.4.x kernel.  I have a 2.4.2 kernel
I've been using on a StrongARM 1110 processor.  I've been using the 2.95.3
version of gcc.

Has anyone used this version of gcc to build a Linux kernel...

Best Regards,

Edwin Bland

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Re: GNUARM 3.4.1
Hello Edwin.

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 Well, not with this particular version but GNUARM 3.4.0 was used to
build a recent version of uClinux for ARM without major issues.

 It really depends what you want to do. The GNUARM distribution uses
newlib for the C library because it gives the best compromise in size
and functionality for most embedded ARM systems. If you want a full
blown glibc-based Linux environment then it is safer --and I would
suggest-- to use a glibc-based cross toolchain in a Linux machine
because this is the mainstream (see ).
 For deeply constrained memory systems then using GNUARM with uClibc
instead of newlib is a good choice.

 Because there has to be binary compatibility the compiler is the same
in all versions, but header files and library dependability could
result in repercussions.

 Hope this helps. And let us know if you end up using GNUARM for
compiling a glibc-based Linux environment ;^)


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Re: GNUARM 3.4.1
Thanks Pablo!

It sounds like if I were instead using a LPC2106 based ARM cpu with small
amounts of memory then the uClibc library should work OK ... but the
compiler should work fine.

Thanks for the info!


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