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Hi there,

I'm working with an C164CI microcontroller from Infineon and I like to write
programs to it in assembly. I just have some experience with the software
from KEIL and now I'd like to use the GNU assembler for the C166 family
from HIGHTEC as I prefer working under Linux.

So my question is, if there where some examples of assembly code for the gnu
assembler g166-as and where to find them. In the examples brought with the
distribution there are only C code examples and my problem is that it seems
that there are many differences between the KEIL assembly code and the gnu
assembly. So does anybody have experiences with the gnu-assembler for the
C166 family or are the rules maybe the same as they are for normal gnu

Thanks for help


Re: GNU Assembler
I would assume the rules are the same as for gnu assemblers of other
microprocessors...   they like to keep things similar across platforms where


Thomas Baier wrote:

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Re: GNU Assembler

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Look through the info(1) file for gas(1) -- though I have no first
hand knowledge of how the assembler is supported.  (i.e. the
gas(1) port may not be part of the normal distribution and, as
such, may be documented differently -- or, not at all!)

Another "hack" would be to *compile*.those examples with the
"-S" switch and examine the ".s" files to see what the *compiler*
thinks the *assembler* can handle.

If you are ambitious, you can browse the sources (GPL'd)
and, if nothing else, see what sort of commentary accompanies them


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