FS Ad: TIL311 & DIS1417 Hexadecimal Displays

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Available are:

* 44 pieces of  TIL311  @ $6.00 each (US Funds)

  - The lot price for all 44 pieces is US$215 or about $4.89 each

  - The TI TIL-311 is a Hexadecimal Dot Matrix Display with integral
    TTL driver electronics to accept, store & display 4-bit binary data,
    Epoxy package (Note: This part wholesales at about $16.50 each)

* 4 pieces of  DIS1417  @ $7.00 each (US Funds)

  - The TI DIS-1417 is a House Number version of the TIL311 with extended
    temperature range we are told. Otherwise the specs. are the same.

For pictures of this lot visit:
or  http://www.geocities.com/pc_diagnostics/til311.htm

No shipping is included in the above prices.  Would
require your full ZIP code or postal code to quote a
total including shipping. Please specify the country for
international orders outside of North America. The shipping
you will be quoted is the cost of the postage stamp (plus
insurance if requested). Displays are new and are the
latest revision.

Contact by e-mail:
jr snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com  or  jr_ snipped-for-privacy@excite.com

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