Freescale 56F8322 (56800E) programming probs

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I'm using CodeWarrior for 56800/E Special Edition v7.2 and a
parallel port JTAG command converter. For some reason, programming
the 56f8322 flash with CW does not work. With CCS server running, CW
connects fine and without complaints over the JTAG adapter, and
shows sensible hex/asm uploaded data for the compiled source, but a
P mem dump returns 0xFFFF's and a P mem fill with e.g. 0xABAB gives
an error. When I disconnect 3.3V power from the 56f8322, CW says
that the communication with the core was cut - as I'd expect.

So all in all the JTAG comms seems to work fine, but still flash
programming fails (error & all reads back as 0xffff). Any ideas?

Another odd thing is that all 56f8322 I/O pins are high and put out
2.5V, while the datasheet seems to suggest this should be 3.3V?! Or?

And, does anyone know if there are better JTAG software tools for
the 56800E hybrid series?

E.g. for flashing and debugging? Because frankly, the CodeWarrior SE
debugger sucks big time...

(I'm running the 56f8322 only with 3.3V supply in, decoupling
capacitors, and jtag cable, no other components connected, and
already tried pull-up R on !RESET pin but to no avail. 56f8322 draws
90mA, JTAG works. No code-protect and hopefully no blown chip fuse

  - Jan

Re: Freescale 56F8322 (56800E) programming probs
I believe Freescale also makes a USB emulator for too.

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Re: Freescale 56F8322 (56800E) programming probs

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Yeah well functionally that's the same as the parallel port JTAG, I
believe - and as said, the JTAG works fine. Could be I just somehow
managed to kill the chip (ESD?) or that the datasheet pin-out is
somehow incorrect, so I now ordered Freescale's very cheap
MC56F8300DSK developer starter kit and board that has nearly the
same hybrid-DSP. If the DSK works properly, I'll have to recheck my

  - Jan

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