Free through-hole parts to a good home (USA only)

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I posted this message earlier today, but don't see it, and the absence
of replies in my in-box leads me to believe that Google didn't post it.


Since I've not needed to build nor rework a through-hole prototype in
ages, I'm dumping what remains of my through-hole parts collection. I'm
literally throwing the drawer contents into a box. There is nothing
particularly rare or exciting there, and it's not an enormous box, but
this material would be useful to a hobbyist or student who needs
assorted stuff to play with. It would probably be a couple of hundred
dollars to buy all this material off Digi-Key.

Off the top of my head, there's a tube of LM324s, a few AT89S53 (8051
flash micros), maybe some AVRs and/or PICs, 555s, LM386s, various
bipolar transistors, a small sockful of electrolytic and ceramic caps,
most of a 1/4W 5% resistor kit, approximately one metric buttload of IC
sockets, maybe some motors, ULN2803s, crystals and ceramic resonators,
heatsinks (?), battery holders (mostly 2xAA with leads), diodes,
miscellaneous samples...

If *AND ONLY IF* you are going to be able to put this stuff to some
use, email me. The first convincing email in my gmail in-box will
receive the entire collection free of charge. US shipping only.

This parcel will ship sometime between 1/13 and 1/27 (depends how long
it takes me to redo my lab; I'm putting up new shelving).

Re: Free through-hole parts to a good home (USA only)

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I'd *love* those but I'm not in the US. Mind you they're only about $2 ea


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