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Hi All,

I have just released a free & open source USB STAPL Player - a small
device which may control multiple JTAG chains (up to 8, but only 2
implemented in current hardware) playing the STAPL (JAM) files. All
information is available at

The design is heavily based on the wonderful PIC USB Framework ( ) written by Pierre Gaufillet.
The USB firmware is compiled with the SDCC ( ) compiler.
I've also made use of the Altera Jam STAPL Player - which is used on the
PC side of the system.
The USB protocol on the PC side is serviced with the libusb library.
Many thanks to all providers of the above open solutions!

The hardware is based on our didactical board:

This is the first release, so the design is not very clean yet, but it
works (at least for me  ;-)  ).
I hope, that you'll find it useful.
Wojtek Zabolotny
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