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I have about 30 embedded modems based on the Conexant RC56D/SP. These
units have a TTL-level serial interface and run off +5V. The interface
is a 34-way 2x17 100mil header, for which I do have pinouts.

RJ11 jacks are not fitted, although there is space for them on the
PCB. The phone line signals are run to the 34-pin host connector, and
the particular unit that used these modems had the RJ11s somewhere
else on the device. All line isolation components are present on the
modem board, you can just solder on a jack and they'll work.

No FCC stickers on these modems (they are samples; maybe one or two
have FCC stickers on them), so they are technically unapproved, though
I know the modem itself has at least FCC. Designed for US call
progress cadences.

Free to good home, you pay postage from ZIP code 11375. Yes, I will
send them internationally but you have to cover any duties, taxes,
bribes etc. First email gets them all.

Re: Free embedded modems says...
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Hello from Gregg C Levine
I'm over in 11102 land. Can you e-mail me at the signature below for the
address? It happens that I am interested in these units.
Gregg C Levine drwho8 atsign att dot net
"This signature hopes its not late!"

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