Free e-book discussing the C Standard

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Those embedded developers who have yet to fork out $18 for a
copy of the C Standard can search for material in the C Standard
(at least you will be once google gets around to indexing it) here:

A detailed analysis is provided in my book "The New C Standard:
An economic and cultural commentary".  The complete book is
available as a freely downloadable pdf (8M byte).  You can
download a copy from one of:

The material also includes a significant amount of discussion
on coding guidelines.  In particular it attempts to use the
results of cognitive psychology studies to suggest and/or reject
coding guidelines (ie, the human factors of programming).

Other book material, and some subsets of it (including just the
coding guideline subsections), can be found at:

You can get the background here:

Re: Free e-book discussing the C Standard
Thanks you

Re: Free e-book discussing the C Standard

Thanks for the book -  I have downloaded it and read the first few pages
when I should really have been doing something else.

I look forward to reading more of it later.

Very sorry you didn't get it published - it was obviously a lot of effort
and certainly appreciated by me if not by your publisher.

Michael Kellett

Re: Free e-book discussing the C Standard

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   I DL'ed the book the other day, but didn't look at the file until
now. It's, uh, bigger than I thought (about an order of magnitude
larger than the K&R), but apparently covers a lot more than just the C

   Slashdot now has a story on this book:
and links to this article about the book:

Fortunately, the slashdot article and comments and the story are much
shorter than the book itself.

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Re: Free e-book discussing the C Standard
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It would be. K&R 2nd Ed covers C90. C99 is about twice the size and this
book contains ALL of it. Then add in annotations and other stuff.

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Yes it does. A lot of it is useful in general and not C specific. Some
of it is on the way we program (in any language)

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So far I understand that it has been downloaded about 100 times in last
week.  As 1000 odd is considered a success in technical publishing I
think it is doing well. I am sure that more people have it than have
download it from Dereks site. (there are a couple of mirrors as well).
So it looks like Derek will be vindicated!

By making it free I don't think Derek has lost much in cash terms. You
don't get rich as a writer of books, you do it for the fame, the women,
the goats and that warm feeling of seeing your name in the flickering
lights (when they burn the reminders :-)

I think this PDF will become one of The Standards for some time to come.
Download it before ISO/BSI et-al wake up to the fact the C standard is
available for FREE and change the rules retrospectively.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills  Staffs  England     /\/\/\/\/
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Re: Free e-book discussing the C Standard
Derek M Jones schrieb:
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Thank you, Derek!
You have done a great favour to the software development community.
Best wishes,

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