Free: Ceiva unit for ARM development

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I had my Ceiva listed on eBay, but just found out the inverter is
broken. So anyone who wants the unit for experimentation, it's yours
if you pay shipping costs (probably about $5-$6 for US Postal
Service). All you are getting is the unit itself (LCD, PCB + frame);
you will need to provide about 9VDC, 350mA or so.

This is a board based on the Cirrus CL-EP7212, with an Epson LCD
controller driving a 640x480 CSTN LCD, and a DAA (the thing implements
a soft-modem). The unit is working fine except that the transformer on
the inverter is damaged, so the LCD backlight doesn't illuminate. I
would suggest pulling an inverter out of an old laptop. There is a
small hacking community, and an extant Linux port for the board
<>. You don't need JTAG to
get new firmware onto the device; the CPU has inbuilt (ROM) serial

*Please* don't request this just to add to a collection of
miscellaneous junk; that's the fate it has been suffering for the last
two years in my junkpile. Please only ask about it if you really want
to do some learning on ARM7.

Re: Free: Ceiva unit for ARM development
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Unit is gone. Congratulations to Adao of Brazil :)

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