flashing with mspdebug and launchpad MSP430-2553

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I have a $4 TI Launchpad with a MSP430 processor.
The 2553 is a little bit too new for mspdebug however.
(It has a Forth flashed into it. See http://www.4e4th.eu .)

Anyway I discovered that I could not use mspdebug to reflash the
program unless I cheat by telling mspdebug that it is another

So (on a Ubuntu 10.04.4) I can reflash by

sudo mspdebug --fet-force-id MSP430FG4618 rf2500

and then interactively:

load forth.hex

There is no action needed to tell mspdebug where to find the device.
Also modem-manager (contrary to messages) doesn't mess anything up.

Groetjes Albert

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