Flash / IC used in SD Cards.

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I'm working on a project that will use a SD Card for file storage.

We would also have some 'internal' filespace. So i thought of placing
a second memory on the PCB and on the same SPI bus. This would save
the work of writing a different driver.

Offcoarse i could add a second SD Card socket to my pcb, but i was
wondering if the chip used inside is available (Serial Flash ?) , so i
we could place such a chip directly on the pcb.

Anyone a clue what is inside these cards and if these cips are
available in small quantity's ?


Re: Flash / IC used in SD Cards.
Jon S. schrieb:

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Have a look at Atmel's SerialFlash devices.
(Guessing you don't need the security functions of the SD card.)

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