First Call for Papers: 2005 MAPLD International Conference

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                         First Call for Papers

                   2005 MAPLD International Conference

         Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
                           Washington, D.C.

                          September 7-9, 2005

   The 8th annual MAPLD International Conference will present papers on
   programmable logic devices and technologies, digital engineering, and
   related fields, for military and aerospace applications.   Devices,
   technologies, logic design, flight applications, fault tolerance,
   usage, reliability, radiation susceptibility, and encryption
   applications of programmable devices, processors, and adaptive
   computing systems in military and aerospace systems are topics for
   papers.  For 2005, MAPLD will be expanded to 3 full days and will
   feature expanded "Birds of a Feather" Workshop Sessions.  Full-day
   seminars will be offered on September 6, 2005.

   We are planning an exciting program with presentations by Government,
   industry, academia, and consultants, including talks by distinguished
   Invited Speakers.   This conference is open to US and foreign
   participation and is unclassified.  For related information, please
   see the NASA Office of Logic Design Web Site ( ).

   Abstract submittal info:
   Abstract deadline:       April 25, 2005

   Special Talks Include:

      * Welcome and Opening Address
      * Invited History Talk
      * Invited Mishap Talk (new for 2005)
      * The Application Engineers' View
      * Panel Session: "Why Are Space Stations So Hard?"

   Four Seminars Are Being Planned:

      * Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Interfacing
      * Real-Time, Hi-Rel Software Issues for Computer Designers
      * Device Failure Modes and Reliability
      * Reconfigurable High-Performance Computing

   Planned Technical Sessions

      * Applications: Military & Aerospace
      * Verification of High Reliability Designs
      * Radiation Effects and Mitigation Techniques
      * Logic Design and Processors
      * Reconfigurable Computing, Evolvable Hardware, and Security
      * Poster Session
      * BOF-L: Mitigation Methods for Reprogrammable Logic in the Space
               Radiation Environment
      * BOF-F: Reconfigurable Computing
      * BOF-J: PLD Failures, Analyses, and the Impact on Systems
      * BOF-S: NESC and Software
      * BOF-G: Digital Engineering and Computer Design - A Retrospective
               and Lessons Learned for Today's Engineers

   Reservations are being accepts for the Industrial & Gov't Exhibits:

   For additional information:

      Conference home page:

      Richard B. Katz
      NASA Office of Logic Design

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