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Just looking for some generic for firewire hardware to and from
multichannel digital audio, preferably off the shelf. 48K 24 bit
Been to, nothing obvious, I gave up on philips,, google had
alot of irrelevant stuff.

I'm just working on a concept, and I'm trying to find out how bad/easy
it is!

It's just an idea for getting audio in and out of a PC to my POS, so a
few pointers would be welcome. Sort of Lantronixs for audio!



Re: firewire < > digital audio
Hello Martin,

Am Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:04:30 +0200 schrieb martin griffith:

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There are 3 more or less off the shelf solutions

Used in the most FireWire/1394 Soundcards

New on the market. Original design by tc electronics. Hostless/Standalone
applications possible!

Oxford Semiconductor:
Never seen in any design



Re: firewire < > digital audio
On Fri, 9 Sep 2005 08:57:17 +0200, in comp.arch.embedded Alexander

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many thanks for that,


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