FAT16/32 system on a MMC card

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Could anyone give me source code example to implement FAT16/32 file
system on a MMC card? I used Atmega32.


Re: FAT16/32 system on a MMC card
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Check out www.AVRfreaks.net.
There is someone there that will sell you FAT code for accessing an SDcard
for $139.
Sounds like a bargain to me.

Best Regards,
Ulf Samuelsson   ulf@a-t-m-e-l.com
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Re: FAT16/32 system on a MMC card
Hi Terry,

Take a look at the various MP3 player projects on the net. I'm sure you will
find one with a filesystem that can be adapted to MMC.

If you get really stuck, ask me about my FAT16 Compact Flash filesystem in
C. You will have to write your own low level MMC routines, but expect a
major time saving over starting from scratch.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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Re: FAT16/32 system on a MMC card

the company I work for is selling modules, which read and write to
Compact Flash Memory Cards over a RS232 line. The FAT file system is
'on board' so you don't have to worry about it. You can read and write
files by using simple "AT+" commands over the serial line. Very simple
to use.

Check out: www.avisaro.com  - or contact me if you need a English
speaking person.


Avisaro AG

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