External Interrupts on an MPC555 with Quickstart Software

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I'm using the MPC500 quickstart libraries, but I'm having trouble
using external interrupts. My board is a PB-0555 manufactured by
Axiom, and I'm using Codewarrior. I'm using the following code to
initialize external interrupts:

int init(void)

    /* enable external interrupts - i.e. set MSR[EE] and MSR[RI] bits */
    return 1;

My appconfig.h file contains the following interrupt configuration:

#define IRQ_2_ENABLED                     0x01
void irq_testISR(void);
#define IRQ_2_ISR_ADDR irq_testISR
#define IRQ_2_TRIGGER                     0x01

I've stepped through the execution of the program, and everything
seems to run fine; but when I ground the IRQ[2] pin on my board, the
ISR does not get executed. I'm grounding it through a 4.7k, and I'm
sure I'm using the right pin. Could someone show me where I've gone
wrong? Also, is the 4.7k necessary? Do the eternal interrupts already
have current-limiting resistors? Thanks for your help!

- Kevin

Re: External Interrupts on an MPC555 with Quickstart Software

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You will receive more and speedier responses in either the Metrowerks
Community forums:
Metrowerks.com/community or in the codewarrior.embedded newsgroup.

Personally, I do mostly 8/16 or DSP CodeWarrior so I cannot be of much help.
This older link may help though, but I haven't taken the time to delve into
it yet: http://www.ee.ualberta.ca/~jasmith/mpc555/faq.html

Gary Schnabl

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