embOS for M16C - your experinece

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Hello all,

we are working on a project in which we would like to use embOS by designed
by Segger company (http://www.segger.com/embos.htm ).

On our target system the Renesas M16C processor
(http://renesas.com/eng/products/mpumcu/16bit/m16c /) will be used. The embOS
is a real-time multitasking system dedicated to be used as embedded
operating system for the development of real-time applications for
microcontrollers. At the first glance its features look fine, but you can
never be sure...

Does anybody have any experience in developing application for embOS,
especially ported to M16C? Are there any bugs in embOS, is it stable?

And what's about the RTOS available by Renesas itself, the MR308
f )? It seems to look poor against emboss. Who could tell us something

I'll appreciate any advice.

Klaus Kuhnert

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